Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Minutes of meeting Bharastachar virodhi Morcha core committee meeting



                        Minutesof  the BVM core committee meeting held on 29th instant at
Maharashtra Sadan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi

                        A  BVM  core committee meeting was held on 29th instant at 3 PM , in Maharashtra Sadan , K.G.Maarg , New Delhi.. The meeting was presided over by the Prezhimself.Anyway a start to the meeting was given by Sh.R.K.Jain (Now declared Gen Secy ).
                        R.K.Jain suggested that we should have one Women Wing also. This duty of forming this Wing.Prezhas  assigned this work to Sh. Jain sahib
                        Chief Gen.Secy wanted that all the members /Executives should immediately get themselves registered and also, they should collect  membership booklets.

                        Further it was decided by the Prez that every month 2  Bharastachar per maha panchayats programme  will be conducted and our Moto is to builNetas. It is also told that  our this Morcha will help only those who help themselves. The victimized person has to remain in front only and not WE.

                        This Morcha is not in favour of accumulating Money

                        It was decided that During  15 to 25 Jan 15 Meerut Mandal will be covered by the team under supervision of SANGATHAN MANTRI.  The same way  Jain sahib will tour, Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. And the same way Aligarh Mandal will be covered by Sh. Chander Kant, Sh. Chatur Singh and SangathanMantri, Chaudhary sahib for this tour dates will be decided later on.
For formation of Student Wing, this will be an Agenda in the Jan-2015 meeting..

                        This was also decided that the Executive members residing out of NCR, have to attend at least one meeting in a  quarter, failing which, their membership from BVM is quite likely to be cancelled. In case any emergency/unavoidable reason is there for not attending , so called meeting, the member has to inform the BVM office in writing and the nexr meeting will be held at that executives residence , this also decided.

                        While concluding this meeting, it was decided that the next Core Committee meeting will be held  in the last of JAN-15, however emergent meeting can be called within 24 hrs.

                        The Jharkhand visit will be made on 10 to 15 Jan-15 by Sh. Ashwini Singh and Patna  visit by Sh. Angesh Kumar  before 21st of Jan-15., Tamil Nadu  will be looked after by Sh. Selvaraj.

                        In this meeting, this was also decided that our this Munch will not  accept any type of suponsorship/help  by any tainted/convicted or having any type of allegation having person.

                        After having  second round of tea and refreshment the meeting was  concluded


Sd/-                                                                                                               Sd/-
K.R.Vohra (Secy)                                                                                  Sandeep Shakti


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